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ISO 9001

The Power of Service

Dynetics Technical Services (DTS)

Dynetics Technical Services, Inc. stands on the firm foundation Dynetics, Inc. has built over 3 and 1/2 decades of highly ethical, excellent, and enjoying enrichment. We reach back and build upon those great relationships, performance, integrity, and world renown innovation solving customers' toughest problems. DTS is committed to continue to collaboratively create this culture, make the world a better place, and focus on these 3 results-based actions in our global community.

  1. Provide high-value at low cost for our Customers.
  2. Profitably grow our Company.
  3. Enrich our Employees.

Our leadership embraces the golden rule of business; balancing a win-win-win long-term relationship with each of our 3 stakeholders. As we successfully partner, each grows, not at the other's expense. Creating this winning partnership is harder, takes smarter, and better people. DTS is up for the challenge and is looking for people who share this same vision, mission, and purpose to innovatively partner for shared success. I hope we can serve you together.

Jonathan Whitcomb,
DTS President